Want to play? Reserve your game spot... Let's Play!

The match.

To get the (pool) billiards sport going again in corona times, we have developed the 24Play reservation system together with the KNBB. This allows the kNBB to support associations, catering establishments and members and guests in playing a game of pool, billiards, but also darts in a responsible and safe manner. Associations and catering establishments can have free access to their own reservation dashboard and thus make their play areas available for reservations. In addition, users of the app can keep track of their scores, view playing statistics and view rankings.

The platform also gives the KNBB insight into where, when and how much is played in the Netherlands. This allows the association to pursue better policy, develop new revenue models and create more ties with fans of the sport.

Marketing means

Developing an attractive platform alone is not enough to get as many (active) app users as possible. That is why we support the KNBB by drawing up a marketing plan with the associated marketing materials. The above banner is an example of this.

The complete corporate identity of 24Play has been developed by Sportunity. We design, among other things, the logo of the app, beer coasters, table cards and posters. We also make various (animation) videos to explain how to reserve a playground and to promote the platform. In the images below we provide insight into the 24Play app.

The match result.