The platform that allows everyone to always find a boules court nearby! - NJBB

The match.

Together with the NJBB, we map out as many jeu de boules courts as possible through the Boulesbaas platform. With this we make it possible for the app users to always find a boules court nearby to play a game in the neighborhood, at the club or at the jeu de boules bar. The app makes it possible to challenge opponents, enter scores and keep track of personal statistics. Each playing location has its own ranking: Who is at the top and is in charge of the boules court? The Boulesbaas platform gives the NJBB insight into where, when and how much the unbound jeu de boules players practice the sport. As a result, better policy can be pursued, more ties with the jeu de boules community can be created and new revenue models can be developed.

Marketing means

To get as many Boulesbaas users as possible into the app, just developing an attractive platform is not enough. That is why we support by drawing up a marketing plan with the associated marketing materials. The above social media template is an example of this.

We also developed the complete corporate identity for the platform. We design the logo of the app, QR-code signs for the boules courts, posters, flyers, roll-up banners and a promotional video. Below we provide insight into the Boulesbaas app.

The match result.