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The match.

The challenge for the NOB is to expand its reach and become more entrepreneurial, to attract new members in new ways and thus also to target new target groups. These are not only the club divers, but also the so-called "untethered diver" as the nature lover, adventurer, the "do-it-yourself" diver, if not even the holiday diver.

The line-up.

The match result.

Within this platform, the NOB would like to create various types of memberships with which they can optimally serve every type of diver. In addition, 12 important diving themes are central, through these themes users can indicate their preferences and favorites. They will then find activities within these interests (themes) on the calendar and online articles of Onderwatersport magazine. Finally, the dive map with all dive spots is a large part of this platform. This map shows information about dive sites (about 300) and dive facilities (about 100 dive shops and dive clubs), where users can add experiences / reviews themselves. Separate documents for the waterfront can also be downloaded for each dive site. View the result on www.duikspotter.nl or go to onderwatersport.org for more information about the sport.