The platform that connects walking coaches and walkers.

The match.

The KWBN (Koninklijke Wandelbond Nederland) noticed, like other sports federations in the Netherlands, that they have to look for new sources of income in a changing society. The image of hiking sports (associations) and events was under a lot of pressure and the added value of the KWBN had to become more clearly visible. The KWBN wanted to offer more to their walkers and walking coaches in order to map out and serve this target group.

The line-up.

The match result.

Earlier we went through a phase of business development with the KWBN, here was when the new Wandelfit was conceived, now under the name Fitstap. Fitstap helps walkers to live a healthy and vital life, with a personal (online) trainer!
Fitstap is a combination of a training program, a trainer dashboard and the Fitstap app. In the app you have a 12 week training program with tips, coaching exercises and walking workouts. You also have contact with your trainer and the rest of your walking group in the app in order to achieve your goals together. In addition to the app, you also participate in physical group training. The coach offers you the maximum guidance through the coach dashboard where he can follow and manage all developments of his groups. This is an exercise program that suits our times and makes the KWBN relevant.