Game On!

Inviting your friends to a game of darts has never been easier!- NDB

The match.

Due to the corona virus, it is not that easy to be able to continue playing darts against your friends. That is why we have the Game On! platform developed. We want to offer members of the association and other dart enthusiasts the opportunity to keep throwing from home, even at a distance from your opponent. You can easily invite your friends to a game by sharing the match link via WhatsApp. And thanks to the live scoring system, your opponent will immediately see what you have thrown. The platform also gives the NDB insight into where, when and how much is played in the Netherlands. This allows the NDB to pursue better policy, develop new revenue models and create more ties with dart enthusiasts.

Marketing means

To get as many dart kings as possible in the app, just developing an attractive platform is not enough. That is why we support by drawing up a marketing plan with the associated marketing materials. The above social media template is an example of this.

The complete house style of Game On! has been developed by Sportunity. We design, among other things, the logo of the app, posters, flyers and roll-up banners. We also make various animation videos for social media. Below we provide insight into the Game On! app.

The match result.