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The match.

Within the KNSB (Royal Dutch Skaters Association) various problems had been forming for some time, skaters were not aware why they are or should become a member of the KNSB. In addition, both skating schools and ice rinks were not affiliated with the KNSB. Associations were also not aware of the added value that KNSB has to offer. The KNSB was therefore unable to create a value proposition for its partners and had no independent revenue models.

For Sportunity this is the start of the competition.
“Let us help KNSB create a sport (comm) unity: From fan to star”

Marketing means

Developing an attractive platform alone is not enough to get as many (active) app users as possible. That is why we support the KNSB by drawing up a marketing plan with the associated marketing materials. The above content are examples of this.

The complete corporate identity of the GoSkate app has been developed by Sportunity. We design, among other things, the logo of the app, posters, flyers and roll-up banners. We also make various (animation) videos to explain how to start your session and to promote the platform. In the images below we provide insight into the GoSkate app.

The match result.