The digital platform that sets the Dutch workplace in motion.- KNBB, NTTB & NDB

The match.

We have developed the Kantinebaas platform in collaboration with the KNBB, NTTB and NDB. Together with them, we set the Dutch work floors in motion. Get some exercise between office hours by playing a game of darts, (pool) billiards and / or table tennis. Personal playing statistics and rankings can be viewed at any time, making it clear who is really the boss in the workplace. In addition, there are various functions in the app that stimulate the user to get moving. Thanks to this platform, the sports federations involved have better insight into the (unbound) darts players, (pool) billiards players and table tennis players who get moving during working hours. Kantinebaas also offers them unique opportunities to develop innovative revenue models.

Marketing means

In addition to developing and rolling out the platform itself, we also support the development of a marketing plan and marketing materials. The 'Boss Mug' is an important part of Kantinebaas' marketing story.

We have also developed the Kantinebaas logo, roll-up banners, posters, flyers, QR-code stickers, social media templates and a promotional video. Below we give a look at the Kantinebaas app.

The match result.