It's time to MOVE!

De wedstrijd.

The Hague wants to make the sports and exercise offer in their city visible and would like insight into how their city 'sports and moves'. In this digital era, Sportunity offers an opportunity to structurally gain more control and insight into this through the MOVE070 platform. This allows us to provide the municipality with essential data that provides guidelines for the KPIs and key indicators for the annual budget. The MOVE070 platform is currently under development and will be extensively tested in 2021 before being rolled out.

Marketing means

Before MOVE070 is launched, a complete marketing and communication plan is ready. In doing so, we take into account various sports providers in the municipality, commercial partners and other stakeholders. We set up all social media channels, ensure that good SEO and SEA are set up and create the corporate identity for all communications.

We design the logo, app and web design, but also all marketing resources such as posters, (animation) videos and visuals. In the image above you see an example of the sports card of The Hague, which we show in a clear manner.

De score.