The ranking app for all your sports and friends!

The match.

While playing on the table tennis table at the intersection of Sport and Innovation, Marc and Niels soon realized that it would be useful to easily keep track of your scores and to be able to share them with each other. An idea was quickly born and together Marc and Niels started working on a new app!

The line-up.

The match result.

There can be only #ONE! #ONE keeps track of who comes first, and who can better continue training. Create a ranking for every sport you practice with your friends, using existing or your own rules!

#ONE is an app, meant to keep track of rankings. You can first choose a sport you want to practice, and then select friends you want to set up the ranking with. Then you can indicate the rules and the location, and start playing! You can also agree in the app for what price you will play and when the competition ends.