The platform for real bosses! - NTTB

The match.

We have developed the PingPongbaas platform together with the NTTB. A platform for untethered table tennis players to play in the neighborhood, at the club or in the workplace. Through this platform, ping pongers can easily challenge a fellow player, register playing locations themselves, but also find a playing location. Users can keep statistics and rankings and find out who the real Ping Pong boss is. This platform gives the NTTB better insight into the (public) table tennis tables in the Netherlands and in the ping-pong community. Based on these insights, the NTTB can pursue better policy, increase its added value, create more bonds and develop new revenue models.

Marketing means

In addition to the realization of the app, we also support the implementation and development of the necessary marketing resources. Here an example of the inside of the folder.

For the NTTB we have also developed banners, posters, stickers, social media templates, logo and a promotional video. Scroll down a bit to view the app.

The match result.