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The match.

We have developed the SKIWE app especially for ski instructors, but the app is also very useful for students. When you register yourself as a SKIWE teacher in the app you can connect yourself to your ski school and you will receive your own SKIWE ID. This ID ensures that students can become part of your group. Through SKIWE, the teacher gains more insight into his students, has more interaction with his students and possible parents, and it also makes the ski lessons safer and more fun. SKIWE makes it possible to digitally view a list of your students with important contact details. In addition, you can inform your students at any time via the app about changes, locations and starting times.

Marketing means

We would like to introduce as many ski schools as possible to SKIWE, because it is just a super handy app! To achieve this, we spent a lot of time on the marketing plan before the launch of the app. Which target group do we want to reach exactly and how can we best reach them?

After the house style has been determined, we think about the social media channels we want to use, what the website should look like and we determine which advertising campaigns we will start. After the content planning has been worked out for the coming period, we put our designer back to work, but now to create templates, animations and videos.

The match result.