Sprint Coach

Sprint Coach is the tool for (top) trainers in ice skating! - KNSB, Innovatielab Thialf and NOC*NSF

The match.

From the KNSB and the innovation lab Thialf, in collaboration with NOC * NSF, the desire arose to be able to provide top trainers and riders in skating with better information about their training sessions. First of all, the measurement of lap times in different segments of the ice rink had to be well organized, followed by other data. Sportunity was allowed to develop the platform for this.

The line-up.

The match result.

Sprint Coach is the tool for (top) trainers who want to improve their athletes' performance by means of real time data and analyzes. This platform was developed in collaboration between the KNSB, Innovation lab Thialf, Sportunity and top coaches, which made this innovation possible through the right combination of knowledge, practice and technology. By means of a live dashboard with the 12 segment times, speeds and graphs of each rider, you can follow exactly your training plan and the effectiveness of your directions. You can also enrich the measurements by adding labels and photo and video recordings.