Kantinebaas is nominated!

Nieuwegein, May 6, 2020 – More exercise in the workplace. It is a need that Kantinebaas answers in an innovative way with an app. The initiative has been nominated for the Nederlandse Loterij In Beweging Prize and, together with three other nominees, has a chance of winning 50,000 euros. The winner will be announced on May 12th. Kantinebaas is an initiative of the Royal Dutch Billiards Association (KNBB), the Dutch Table Tennis Association (NTTB), the Dutch Darts Association (NDB) and digital sports marketing agency Sportunity.

Willem La Riviere is one of the initiators of the KNBB. “We are of course very happy with the nomination. Kantinebaas is an app that makes it very easy to exercise at work. Whether it is darts, (pool) billiards or table tennis. At every office there is room somewhere to practice one of these sports. It breaks your office day for a moment. With the app you can also challenge colleagues to compete against each other ”. Niels Schut, owner of Sportunity: “It is very good that the three sports federations are looking beyond just their own sport, and together recognize that they are stronger in addressing a new (non-aligned) target group. In this way they work together to implement the transition in sport. We help sports associations with this. It is very unique that this can be done with three sports associations at the same time ”.

Paul Engelbertink, director of NDB: “The Kantinebaas app is innovative and makes exercise in the workplace more fun. For example, you can view the rankings of your own office ”. Although offices are currently largely closed due to the corona virus, the Kantinebaas app also works fine in an environment where a distance of 1.5 meters from each other is required. You can still do all sports with an appropriate distance from each other. “That way you don’t have to sweat, but you can exercise for a while and then work more effectively and healthier, says Dennis Rijnbeek (NTTB).

About the Nederlandse Loterij in Beweging Prijs In 2020, the Dutch Lottery will award the Dutch Lottery In Motion Prize for the third time. The prize was created to support initiatives that literally get people moving. Based on its mission to make the Netherlands happy, healthy and sporty, the largest lottery organization in the Netherlands stimulates local initiatives with this prize.In addition to Kantinebaas, there are three other nominees, namely the Unlimited Elfstedentocht, Meet-n-Move and the Danspaleis. All four nominees win. The winner will receive a check for € 50,000 and the three other initiatives will each receive € 5,000. Jury chairman Bibian Mentel, together with the other jury members Pieter van den Hoogenband, Hugo Borst, Marjan Olfers and Hedy d’Ancona, will determine who will be the winner of the 2020 edition. The results will be announced on 12 May.About the Nederlandse Loterij Nederlandse Loterij is the name behind seven well-known games of chance: Staatsloterij, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Million Game, Lucky Day, Scratch Cards and Toto. Every year, the Dutch Lottery invests almost all of its proceeds in Dutch sports through NOC * NSF, in 18 charities in the field of health, exercise and welfare and in Dutch society through the Ministry of Finance. In 2019, this involved an investment of more than € 173 million.More information about Kantinebaas can be found at www.kantinebaas.club or can be requested via bazen@kantinebaas.club. The Kantinebaas app can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.