Our Story

At Sportunity we work with a clear vision: Connect people who love sports. Our goal is to bring Sportunity.club to a wider platform and to grow into the largest online sports community. We do this by working together with municipalities, sports associations and sporting events worldwide. At Sportunity we work with a selection of young professionals in the fields of marketing and development. We always work according to a fixed game plan with which we, with you or your organisation in the lead, can reach the best score.

Business development



So far

The third MoveNL platform is live

After the launch of Sportplein Apeldoorn and YnBeweging, the launch of MoveOss follows. Together with an enthusiastic group of 'fitfluencers', a festive and sporty route was taken through the center of Oss. At the end of the route, MoveOss was officially launched by Marc Ghering and, our CEO, Niels Schut. MoveOss is also part of our MoveNL platform. The goal: to motivate as many residents of Oss as possible to get (more) moving!

YnBeweging is launched together with SportFryslân

YnBeweging is launched in collaboration with SportFryslân and the first municipalities join. Opsterland is the first municipality to join the sports and exercise platform YnBeweging. Súdwest-Fryslân is the second municipality to join. YnBeweging is part of the MoveNL platform, which maps all the sports and exercise offerings in provinces and municipalities for their residents.

Apeldoorn Business Awards

Sportunity has been chosen from hundreds of companies as one of the three nominees for the Apeldoorn Business Awards in the Industry & Technology category of 2022. Unfortunately we didn't win, but we are so proud to be among all the beautiful Apeldoorn companies on this special evening.

Sportunity opens a business Launch at Go Ahead Eagles

Sportunity had opened the doors of the Sportunity lounge at Go Ahead Eagles! This was celebrated with champagne and lots of fun. We are very proud and happy with this collaboration and hope that we can celebrate many victories together!

Nijmeegse 4Daagse

Sportunity provides the official 4Daagse app for the Nijmegen 4Daagse as part of its TRACX platform. The 4Daagse is the largest walking event in the world with over 40.000 participants. For four days, the participants could be followed by the fans and family members along the rout using GPS-based LiveTracking.

250,000 sport moments with GoSkate

The GoSkate app is widely used and during the second edition of the Dutch National SKATE4daagse, the app passed the 250,000 speed skating and ice skating sessions mark. This is a great milestone for both the KNSB and Sportunity after almost four years of intensive cooperation. On to many more great sports moments!

The first platform in cooperation with municipalities is live

In collaboration with Acress Apeldoorn, we launched Sportplein Apeldoorn on June 15. Sportplein Apeldoorn is the starting point of exercise for all citizens of Apeldoorn. Through the app, people in Apeldoorn can view the sports and exercise opportunities in the area and find an activity that suits them. The first step towards MoveNL has been made! Soon MoveOss will follow, which is set up in cooperation with the municipality of Oss.

Sportunity launches the Hoops app together with Basketbal Vlaanderen

Together with Basketbal Vlaanderen, the Hoops app was launched on the 20th of May. With Hoops, basketball players can always find a court nearby and keep track of their basketball scores and statistics. With this collaboration, Sportunity adds a new sport to its digital sports community Sportunity.club and gets to know the unbound athlete even better.

Sportunity provides sports federations with more insight into app users

More and more (unbound) athletes are using our platforms. Through their own dashboard, the federations can view the number of app users, active users and sessions done with the app. Recently, we created extra insights in the dashboard for the KNSB. Among others, to the active users and how many users are members of the KNSB. We have implemented this clearly and interactively in the dashboard of the KNSB.

TRACX has passed the 1 million mark

Eight months after the launch of the TRACX platform, we passed the 1 million participants mark with all events. All these athletes could be followed all over the world during many big and small events. In total, we have now been able to support over 275 events with our TRACX platform. We have had events in the United States, Taiwan, Mexico and Spain. During this period we have also continuously developed our platform for the events, so that they can work even better with our system and the experience of the organisers, fans and participants becomes even greater.

TRACX heeft 1.000.000 deelnemers
Sprint app renamed as GoSkate

The Sprint app undergoes a name change and becomes GoSkate. In collaboration with the KNSB, the name change was initiated and launched on the 11th of April 2022. During the corona crisis, the number of users has continued to grow. Partly due to the popularity of inline skating, the user base has grown to over 30 thousand users. Every day we get to know the unbound athlete a little better.

Twee mensen die aan het skeeleren zijn.
Sportunity provides infographics to events worldwide

The first events use the TRACX platform and Sportunity starts delivering data to the events. After each event we deliver an infographic with the most important app statistics. Data collection becomes more and more important for the events. Partly in order to be able to give a justifiable answer to their stakeholders.

The new outdoor playing with Pleintje

After winning the Stimulation Prize in 2020, the app Pleintje was launched in November 2021. The app allows children to play, exercise and chill with friends. There are new and cool games available and app users can choose their own Avatar. The outside playing of the future can begin.

Sportunity goes global and joins forces with MYLAPS

From the 1st of September, Sportunity will offer Eventapps all over the world. Sports timekeeping organisation MYLAPS will hand over the reins to us. With this addition, we will support some 600 events and 3 million athletes and fans per year in creating the maximum event experience. We offer event organisers the option of developing a white label EventApp. All events can also be found in our TRACX app, in which we want to grow the unbound sports community even more.

Mockup van TRACX platform
Municipalities also get to know Sportunity and join the partnership.

More and more (unbound) sportsmen and women are getting to know our innovative sports platforms and that means we can collect more and more interesting data. Municipalities also want to know how much, where and by whom sport is played in public spaces, the sports clubs in their region and other sports facilities. This will give them more insight into the exercise behaviour of their residents and enable them to draw up more targeted policy plans. Cooperation is started with the municipalities of The Hague and Arnhem to develop a complete sports and exercise platform for them and their residents.

Badminton clubs have demand for a reservationplatform

Woosh! is the new reservation system for clubs of Badminton Netherlands and is available at no cost to all clubs. Through Woosh! Badminton Netherlands supports its clubs in a modern and easy way to open responsibly again. Besides the necessary support during the corona era, Woosh! offers a lot of new possibilities for players and clubs.

Sportunity creates reservationplatform for various sports associations

During the corona outbreak, the 'unbound' sports are bigger than ever. Running, cycling and inline skating are examples of sports that are practised extensively these days, especially individually. Since 1 July, indoor sports have been allowed again in the Netherlands, but under a number of conditions. Therefore, we have developed a booking platform for four sports associations, so that members (and non-members) can once again play sports safely and responsibly at the clubs.

Sprint, the first Sportunity.club platform with more than 10,000 users

We developed the Sprint app in collaboration with the KNSB. Users can measure their ice skating and inline skating performances with the app, using a chip (on the ice rink) or the GPS-function on their phone (inline skating and outdoor skating). After the first version of the Sprint app, it was decided to completely renew the app and to include only the most important functions. Since the launch of the 2.0 version of Sprint, the number of users kept growing and we were continuously busy with adding cool features. In January 2020 this resulted in the 10.000th Sprinter!

The Sportunity platform grows into a total ecosystem called Sportunity.club

The Sportunity.club ecosystem offers insights into the 'unbound athlete'. This is possible thanks to the SportID and the associated apps, which have meanwhile been developed into scalable solutions for various federations and sports organisations. This allows partners to commit to the .club in a very low-threshold way, to obtain their own platform and to strengthen their own propositions together with the other partners. At the same time, they are helping to develop the largest unaffiliated sports community, in order to shape the transition in sport together and enable more people to enjoy sport.

Together with the NJBB, Boulesbaas is launched

The Nederlandse Jeu de Boules Bond joins Sportunity and develops the Boulesbaas app for the association. The NJBB is the fourth association to join Sportunity. With the platform, jeu de boules players can keep track of their scores and view statistics. Via the app, over 500 boules courts in the Netherlands can be found to play a game of jeu de boules.