PHP Developer

You and our partners help build the largest sports community in the Netherlands (and maybe beyond!). You are responsible for developing new and optimizing existing web applications, so that the experience of exercising sports and the connections between sport enthousiasts will grow stronger. For example, we have developed our own sports profile, the SportID, which forms the single sign-on behind all our platforms. With this SportID you work on a great central sports ecosystem. Are you ready to make a career as an IT professional in sports?

The gamerules

You will soon be responsible for the development and maintenance of the coolest and most innovative platforms in sports. We mainly work on products of which we also own and thus build one central sports ecosystem that serves and binds different athletes in various forms. You will work in a team of passionate IT professionals who are active on the front-end, back-end and native app development of our platforms and apps. Within our Sportunity Selection you get the unique opportunity to build and expand our sports tools with new cool functions and smart technical solutions that improve user-friendliness. With our partners, who are supported by our marketers, the platform you have built is actually used and rolled out nationwide.

From this player we expect:

  • Has insight into PHP, MySQL and / or modern frameworks such as Laravel and / or Symfony
  • Has experience with the language AJAX and / or Javascript
  • Has knowledge and experience with HTML and CSS
  • Has experience with system management (is an advantage)
  • User-oriented and thinks along in the (further) development process
  • Always want to stay ahead in the latest technologies and possibilities
  • Dares to take responsibility, but is also flexible
  • Passionate about sports

What can we offer you?

With us you get the opportunity to spend 32 to 40 hours a week converting innovative concepts and designs into incredibly cool (web) applications that make sport and society even more beautiful and better. And we also give you the space to develop and increase your ‘match skills’.

You have plenty of room to come up with your own ideas and to experiment. You will determine what the future of sports will look like.

Within the team you work together according to the Scrum method on our beautiful projects. These young colleagues all have a passion for sports and create a unique and energetic atmosphere.

We offer you a MacBook, so you also have the opportunity to work from home every now and then. Your working hours will be flexible. Salary will be determined in consultation, but will be between € 3,000 and € 3,850 for a 38-hour week + holiday allowance. In addition, you are entitled to almost 6 weeks of vacation per year and you can make unlimited use of our platforms.

Sportunity, together with various other (young) sports marketing and ICT organizations, is located at the Crossroads of Sport & Innovation near the train station of Apeldoorn. Between work you can always smash a ping-pong ball with your colleagues, play games on the Playstation and the Friday night drinks will not be skipped here.

We are very curious about your passion and ambitions. If you are interested, fill in the form below and hopefully we will see you working on our sporting platforms soon.

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