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What we do

Sportunity builds business cases in co-creation with sports federations, sports organizations and goverments that offer value to sports and society. By means of our knowledge of the current (sports) community and the (‘unbound’) athlete, together with our passion for sports and creativity, we develop and facilitate (online) sports marketing solutions and innovative tools. A valuable offer to make the sport win again.

And why we do it

We are first to innovate the sport and increase the experience of sport. Society has changed and trends such as individualization and consumerism have an enormous impact on today’s athletes. The sports world has to adapt to this and change its offer. We connect sport with sports organizations and governments so that everyone can easily and intensely enjoy sports and exercise.

Our corporate culture

Sportunity consists of a young fresh group of employees with a great passion for sports. Our plans go far and we try to continuously improve our personal record. The bar is set high by ourselves, and for ourselves. This allows us to proactively generate maximum value in and for the sports community.

"Most importantly: PASSION! You have to enjoy what you do."

Niels Schut, director Sportunity


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